On April 5, 2016, TKC Aerospace concluded the purchase of Chapter 11 Debtor Phoenix Heliparts, Inc.’s assets, which included the substantively consolidated assets of Phoenix Heli-Support, LLC.

TKC Aerospace transferred the purchase of those assets to Precision Heli-Support, LLC (PHS) in order to establish a separate company on record as the owner. Precision Heli-Support, LLC (PHS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tumeq LLC, which is the parent company of TKC Aerospace.

You can access the Precision Heli-Support website www.precisionhelisupport.com to learn more about our new company and how our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Service benefit our Customers and Vendors.

If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Guevara, GM and Accountable Manager, Precision Heli-Support, LLC at 480-985-7994.

Precision Heli-Support, LLC has NO affiliation with the previous owners and operators of Phoenix Heliparts, Inc. or Phoenix Heli-Support.

Phoenix Heliparts filed for bankruptcy as a result of a judgment entered in favor of TKC Aerospace and against Phoenix Heliparts in Arizona State Court.  The relevant rulings of the State Court and Bankruptcy Court Judges are contained in the following Court Decisions:

State Court Ruling setting forth detailed findings of PHP’s intentional theft of TKCA trade secrets, interference with TKCA’s business expectations, and intentional destruction and fabrication of evidence (Click)

Judgement entered by State Court in favor of TKCA and against Phoenix Heliparts (Click)

Bankruptcy Court Order and audio recording of Bankruptcy Judge’s Ruling ordering substantive consolidation of Phoenix Heliparts and Phoenix Heli-Support assets
(Transcript from Audio ClipsAudio Clip 1, Audio Clip 2, Audio Clip 3)

Phoenix Heliparts filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy action, and the resulting proceedings were conducted between September 2015 and early April 2016.  During most of this period, previous management continued to manage and direct significant operations at the company.  During the bankruptcy proceedings, allegations arose that Phoenix Heliparts’/Heli-Support’s Customers may have had parts misappropriated from their helicopters, Customers may have paid for deposits for parts that were never ordered, Customers may have acquired Helicopters based upon material misrepresentations from prior management and that Customers were never informed that the Company was in Bankruptcy.

If you believe that you may have been a victim of the practices of previous Phoenix Heliparts management, please contact the following to register your claim or provide additional information:

Mr. Louie Mukai — Chapter 11 Trustee for Phoenix Heliparts (mukail@mukaigreenlee.com)

Instructions for Reporting Fraud to the U.S. Department of Justice are available at this link https://www.justice.gov/ust/report-suspected-bankruptcy-fraud.  Or, you can contact the Phoenix U.S. Trustee’s Office at (602) 682-2600

Phoenix Heliparts Document Request (link to new email address PHPDocs@precisionhelisupport.com) – use this link to request documents from the Phoenix Heliparts records.  This is a voluntary courtesy service provided by Precision Heli-Support, LLC, the new owners of Phoenix Heliparts Assets, to Phoenix Heliparts’ prior customers.  We will attempt to find relevant documents to assist you in establishing your claim or complaint against Phoenix Heliparts.